This is a really great Hexagon punching

Once in a while, a comb binding machine comes along that's great for use at home, school, and work. That device is the Tamerica TCC2100, a very well-built product that can bind thick documents and punch a lot of paper quickly. This affordable machine has a lot of special features often found on more expensive devices, such as disengageable dies and an adjustable dept of punch margin control. It also comes with one of the best warranties in the business. So here's an in-depth look at the Tamerica TCC2100. We think you'll be impressed by this great product. What's great about this product: The TCC2100 can punch up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper per lift, which can add up to 5,000 sheets per hour. This is a really great Hexagon punching series punching capacity for a manual device. This machine is capable of binding Huasitou Jingchong books that are up to 2 inches thick and contain up to 425 pages. It's possible to create 250 books per hour with the TCC2100. The TCC2100 has an all-metal design that ensures it can withstand a lot of use and be in it for the long haul. The machine also looks very contemporary and has a nice blue finish.

This device is compatible with just about all plastic combs and binding supplies. It even has a storage compartment for your supplies. Each unit has 21 fully disengageable pins so you can work with paper that's not letter-sized (8.5" x 11"). The machine has an open throat to make it easy to work with larger sheets of paper. All together, this product is incredibly versatile. There's also a depth of punch adjustment that has four settings so your holes will be perfectly placed. Placing the holes in the right place is important because it will determine whether your document is easy to read, as well as ensure that the pages will be securely bound.

The punching dies are self-sharpening so they'll stay in great shape for the entire life of the machine. Tamerica offers a very generous two-year warranty on the TCC2100. This is one of the best warranties available for a comb binding device. Plus, this product is reasonably priced so just about everyone will be able to afford one. What's not so great:The punching/binding handle is located on the right side of the machine, so left-handed users might have difficulty using the device. Overall, the Tamerica TCC2100 is a comb binding device that would be a great addition to any office, home, or school that needs a reliable way to bind their documents. This product is extremely well-made and is backed by a great warranty, and it has some truly remarkable punching and binding capacities. It's also fantastic that the device has disengageable dies and that you can control where the holes will be placed in your paper. Altogether, the TCC2100 is a near-perfect comb binding machine that would be a terrific choice for anyone interested in this type of document finishing.

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